Plus 3 tips how to improve safety even more

In our previous article we explained couple reasons why to start using cloud. One of them was the security. Therefore, we would like to describe why cloud is more secure than traditional networks. You will find out 3 important tips what must be done in order to ensure the safety of your data, too.

One of the important characteristics whether to start using cloud or remain by traditional network systems is the security. There are many studies approving that using cloud is more secure than usage of traditional legacy systems. Let us explain it a bit deeper in order to understand the key reasons why cloud is more secure. Below, you can go through the 3 essential attributes which describe the background of good data protection in case of cloud systems.


Cloud providers invest lot of money into data protection systems because they want to offer the best possible service. Since there is a big competition within this branch the providers must keep up with the latest trends. Moreover, they have to show the best possible quality in order to succeed.

On the other hand, the quality protection system must be made by the best brain from the industry. It means that the cloud providers have to invest also into the people. They have to be able to attract the best talents and keep them.

Last but not least, there are many security features, most importantly built-in systems, that can be created due to the massive investments. These systems – usually firewalls are either hardware or software based. Their algorithm works in accordance with the specific rules which are time and level based. Therefore, the protection control is

  • periodical
  • standardized

which is important for such a complex system like cloud.


The cloud is centric system where are the data centres present. This creates the multi-layered approach within the cloud system which means the distinguishing between variety of system levels. Even though, there are different levels in the system, they are always interconnected.

The providers use the built-in security throughout the fabrics which means that the security is ubiquitous. They administrate it from central point beceasue it is centralized system. This implies the consistent security management with consistent updates.

Besides, due to AI tools providing an auto-patching on schedule, the threat of hacking into the system is dramatically decreasing.


In the case of natural disaster, hardware failure or power outage, the cloud system is able to overcome this and still secure your data. It is possible due to the robust, complex, and above all redundant system.

A good cloud provider should ensure that your data are copied several times. Then, it must be stored on different data centers in order to make sure that your data will be safe. It is necessary to use more than one back-up server to secure your data. This all creates a system that is redundant which is very important in case of data security.

Finally, your cloud provider can hire a third part to test the system by so called outside testing. It brings new ways and ideas to secure your data.

+ 3 tips for security improvement:

  • To encrypt: encode your data every time
  • To substitute: check if a back-up is running
  • To verify: make two factors authentication when log in

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