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About A Cloud Frontier

At A Cloud Frontier we are passionate about big data and analytics. We believe that data needs to be at the core of any business in order to make the right decisions. Without data and analytics, decisions are made purely on assumptions and that can prove costly for businesses.

Who we are

ACF was founded in 2015 by Jan Verdier who saw that data collection and usage was increasing daily and identified a need for data consultancy – to help businesses structure and use their data to the fullest potential – and data solutions, developed with the end user in mind.

Our Consultancy Work

We work on a consultancy basis with many data-driven businesses to help them structure their data, ensure data quality and GDPR compliance and to leverage business intelligence and insights from their data assets.

Our Solutions

We have also developed a range of data solutions and apps which we offer to our clients. Born out of our data consultancy work, our solutions have been developed to answer a variety of real-world data challenges, to improve data connectivity and to increase efficiency. Check out our big data solutions.