ACF Insights for Snowflake App
Optimise Snowflake cost and usage with the new app from ACF

Keep track of your company’s Snowflake usage, make cost optimisations and ensure GDPR compliance, without the need for SQL querying, with the ACF Insights for Snowflake App.

The new Snowflake app you need

Get the insights you need to make informed operational decisions on Snowflake with the revolutionary new app from ACF, now available on Amazon Web Services.

Reduce Costs

Get detailed usage insights and identify opportunities for streamlining costs

Ensure GDPR Compliance

Identify unused data tables where deleted customer data may still be present

Keep Track of Users

Receive insights on active users and number of logins

No SQL Knowledge Required

Get in-depth usage insight without the need to use SQL querying

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Balance Performance With Cost Optimisation

With Snowflake’s pricing model you only pay when the warehouse is open. Keep it open when it’s not in use and you’re paying unnecessary costs, but close it down too frequently and performance can be lost.

In-depth insights

ACF Insights for Snowflake App gives you the in-depth insights needed to be able to balance cost optimisation with performance.


View monthly and daily warehouse open and close times for your business. Understand the average and easily detect outliers.

Queries per minute

See the queries per minute and understand the actual usage during the warehouse opening times.

Auto-suspend times

Get suggested auto-suspend times, based on gaps in queries.

Performance efficiency

Establish when to close down the warehouse for optimum cost and performance efficiency.

Ensure GDPR Compliance

If a customer requests their data to be deleted under GDPR you have just 30 days to do this. But what if there are data tables in your data warehouse that are not updated and the customer data is still present on these tables?
The ACF Insights for Snowflake App gives you visibility of which data tables have not been updated, so you can easily detect if a table has been made and still contains the customer’s ‘deleted’ data.
The App also provides visibility of who has logged in to Snowflake and which logins are active users.

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Cost savings

Ensure GDPR Compliance

Real-time notifications

Keep Track of Users

No SQL Knowledge Required

Want to find out more?

Our team of specialists are really excited about the launch of this new app and will happily give you a demo so you can see it in action for yourself and discover how it can help your businesses. Simply contact us today to arrange a demo.

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