Snowflake Insights gives you an overview about your performance when using Snowflake virtual warehouses. Based on that, you can speed up your productivity, efficiency or security and lower your costs!

Be a beta-user!

When using Snowflake virtual warehouse (compute) you are most likely wondering

  • how much money you spend
  • how effectivelly is the warehouse used
  • how to improve your GDPR policy

Since we were wondering too, our CTO Jan and Data Scientist Sara came up with a solution – Snowflake Insights. Even though it is still MVP (minimum viable product), it helped us significantlly! 

Also, we would like to offer this solution to more companies and businesses, therefore, we are looking for some beta-users / volunteers who are willing to test it. If you are so curious as we are, leave us a message on info@acloudfrontier.com or contact us via LinkedIn or Twitter.

How can Snowflake Insights help you?

When using Snowflake Insights, for now you are getting information about costs, users, usage and GDPR. In general, a dashboard overview shows data in a convenient and highly understandable form. Moreover, charts are visualized due to Bokeh (Python library) and data manipulation and analysis is done by Pandas tool (also built on Python).

To be more specific, the main four areas provide different insights:

  • COSTS = information about monthly spending, overall spending, each warehouse costs, etc.

USER = who and when logged in, daily loggins, number of active users etc.

  • USAGE = average load, load over time, average queued load, etc.
  • Because a user pays for the time not the work or volume, it is important to know when the user is the most efficient. Based on that, the work might be designed differently in order to use the time effectivelly.

  • GDPR = monitor users – list of enabled and disabled users, orphan tables, etc.
  • Orphan table list ensures a regular check of non-empty tables that have not been updated in  last x days. This is caused by specific GDPR interests.

How can your business benefit from Snowflake Insights?

Even though we are still working on Snowflake Insights to improve it even more, there are many benefits your company can profit already from. Snowflake Insights:

  • save you money
  • save your time
  • optimize internal processes
  • improve security
  • give you a comprehensive overview 
  • provide a control over your work

In other words, with Snowflake Insights, you know better what to expect and forecast. 
If you are interested to become a beta-user of this freshly new solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Drop us a message either on info@acloudfrontier.com or use the social media – LinkedIn and Twitter.

We cannot wait to get a feedback on Snowflake Insights from you!