ACF Snowflake Insights – freshly new MVP solution

Snowflake Insights gives you an overview about your performance when using Snowflake virtual warehouses. Based on that, you can speed up your productivity, efficiency or security and lower your costs! Be a beta-user! When using Snowflake virtual warehouse (compute) you are most likely wondering how much money you spend how effectivelly is the warehouse used how to improve your GDPR… Read More

Snowflake Insights App alive!

Are you curious how to improve your performance when using Snowflake? Do you want to know the insights of your Snowflake account? Therefore, we have created a freshly new Snowflake Insights App to help you to get the understanding of your data! How can the Snowflake Insights App help you? The insight focus is mainly put on warehouse load and… Read More

How to ensure data quality?

There is a rising interest when testing data quality. Especially in healthcare industry where together with data privacy are of the highest importance. Therefore, let’s learn from the best! Legacy providers vs. Agile frameworks In the article on “medium.com” our CTO compares old legacy providers with new agile frameworks. The legacy providers such as Informatica, Oracle or SAS have definitelly… Read More

YouTube video in Spanish!

Did you already check our YouTube channel? If not, do it! Most importantly, you can watch the videos not only in English but also in Spanish. The “video-maker” is our Data Scientist Sara Ruiz. Since her mother tongue is Spanish and she is fluent also in English you can expect the videos in both languages. The last video is about… Read More

We are on YouTube!

Today, we are coming with a big new! A Cloud Frontier has its own YouTube channel. We do not expect to become a famous youtuber. We want to rather bring you interesting videos and content about Cloud, Data, AI or ML. Just everything what we are working on. Our first video is about Data Quality Testing made by Data Scientist… Read More

3 tips for migrating to the cloud

Are you wondering where to start when migrating to the cloud? Our CTO has 3 great tips for the beginning for you: 1. Your application must be cloud-native “Switch to software from your cloud vendor, managed services (SaaS) or choose software developed natively for the cloud.” Instead of following the words “let’s install it”, look for the managed service and… Read More

New team member Sara!

Let us introduce you to a new member of our A Cloud Frontier team which is a young lady Sara. Sara is from Spain, freshly graduated from Math Science and she is full of passion to work with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, CI/CD and all the exciting things around data. Sara’s study Hi Sara, nice to meet you and welcome… Read More

Winter is coming. And so is Snowflake.

What is common for a snowflake, Data Analysis and Next Generation Analytical platforms? The common thing is Data Warehousing Platform called Snowflake, which is most probably one of the most innovative nowadays. What Snowflake covers After finishing a research about the most innovative and reliable data platforms, Snowflake provides the following: data engineering data lake data warehouse data science data… Read More

Connect analytics with BI tools. Improve business!

Have you ever wondered how to bring quick and fact-based decisions into your business? Since the decision-making process is essential for every business strategy, it is crucial to have all data available and to know how to interpret them. Based on that, you can forecast and imagine your next move much better. This will secure any of the BI tools,… Read More