Cloud bursting at its best

One of the benefits of “going to the Cloud” is cloud bursting when using managed services. Helping an enterprises Previously, A Cloud Frontier has worked on different Cloud architectures. so we could notice the bursting of cloud. Nowadays, we can see that using Dataiku and AWS EMR is great combination when achieving your goals. A Cloud Frontier is currently helping… Read More

Insight platform released

A major release of a new insight platform and A Cloud Frontier is an important part of it! This platform helps and suppors a Danish enterprise company. AWS cloud is a core solution of this platform and it works due to usage of Snowflake eChart Superset Among others, the key focused areas are mainly scalability and usability. What is it… Read More

New homepage live

Our new homepage is now live with more information about our services and solutions. Check out our great team and find an inspiration in our regular blog posts from IT world! We are looking forward to hearing from yout and hope you enjoy our new homepage. Feel free to contact us via or leave us message on LinkedIn or… Read More

What Drives Big Data?

Big Data drivers are a combination of different areas. When you combine these areas enterprises can achieve new insights and new opportunities in their business. They can then add new digitalisation services and products to their value chain or "just" improve their existing solutions and products. Read More