New team member Sara!

Let us introduce you to a new member of our A Cloud Frontier team which is a young lady Sara. Sara is from Spain, freshly graduated from Math Science and she is full of passion to work with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, CI/CD and all the exciting things around data. Sara’s study Hi Sara, nice to meet you and welcome… Read More

Winter is coming. And so is Snowflake.

What is common for a snowflake, Data Analysis and Next Generation Analytical platforms? The common thing is Data Warehousing Platform called Snowflake, which is most probably one of the most innovative nowadays. What Snowflake covers After finishing a research about the most innovative and reliable data platforms, Snowflake provides the following: data engineering data lake data warehouse data science data… Read More

Connect analytics with BI tools. Improve business!

Have you ever wondered how to bring quick and fact-based decisions into your business? Since the decision-making process is essential for every business strategy, it is crucial to have all data available and to know how to interpret them. Based on that, you can forecast and imagine your next move much better. This will secure any of the BI tools,… Read More

We are hiring!

DATA ENGINEER/DEVELOPER A Cloud Frontier (Spain) Are you interested in working with Python, GitHub, CI/CD, DevOps, DataOps, Big Data and Machine Learning? Then do not skip this post and read further. Maybe we are looking for you! What can you expect after joining us? Programming and building automatic test cases on a daily basis ETL and Data Science as… Read More

3 crucial attributes why CLOUD is more secure

Plus 3 tips how to improve safety even more In our previous article we explained couple reasons why to start using cloud. One of them was the security. Therefore, we would like to describe why cloud is more secure than traditional networks. You will find out 3 important tips what must be done in order to ensure the safety of… Read More

5 plus 1 reason why to use CLOUD

The expression cloud is noticeable literally everywhere. But do you know why? Is there anything magical with this thing? Sure. Since we live in digital age, it is necessary to be aware of cloud solution(s). Finally, there are many advantages why to use cloud in your business. Briefly, cloud can store data for your business, moreover, the applications can be… Read More