Business Intelligence

Make the right business decisions with the right BI tools and strategy

Business Intelligence Consulting

Make data-driven decisions, identify new business opportunities and develop workable strategies, based on reliable insights with the right business intelligence framework and bi tools.

What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a combination of strategy and technology, allowing a business to gain valuable data-driven insight into past and current performance and, crucially, to be able to make decisions using predictive analysis to promote the future success of the business. In most cases, all available data (both internal and external to the business, where possible) is collated and stored in a data warehouse, which is connected to a business intelligence platform, allowing data scientists and analysts to be able to analyse the data, as well as to conduct data mining and predictive analysis in order to be able to identify actionable insights.

Why you need business intelligence consultants?

Creating and implementing an effective business intelligence solution can be a complex process. Knowing which business intelligence tool is right for your business is only the first step. In order to implement an effective and reliable BI solution it’s important to consider the data warehouse architecture, the data sources, data quality testing and the business intelligence dashboards required by the various stakeholders – not to mention GDPR data compliance.

ACF expert business intelligence consultants

Our data consultants are experts in business intelligence platform implementation and solutions architecture. Within the area of business intelligence consulting we focus on:

  • Looker
  • Apache Superset
  • Customer-developed Insight apps

Business Intelligence Solutions

Not only do we provide business intelligence consulting, we also develop solutions for our clients. Our current business intelligence solutions are built on Snowflake, allowing us to ensure great performance and scalability. See our Snowflake Insights app in action.

Check out our business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Business intelligence solution for Telia

In one of our recent projects we implemented our Customer Analytics Portal for Danish enterprise company, allowing them to be able to offer their enterprise clients access to their own analytics.