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Better understand your Dataiku data


Whether you currently use Dataiku or you’re embarking on a project to implement the Dataiku platform in your business, our consultants can help you to understand your data and to make sure you are using it to the fullest, to make a positive impact on your business.

What is Dataiku

Dataiku is a powerful data science platform that democratises data – allowing everyone within a business to be able to make data-driven decisions without the need for technical know-how or the support of the IT department.

Why choose ACF for your Dataiku consulting?

All our consultants are Dataiku-certified and, as Dataiku partners we are proud to be some of the most experienced consultants available. Our company was born with Dataiku 5 and we are now working with the Dataiku 9! Due to our relationship with Dataiku we are always on top of the latest releases and news and can provide your business with consultancy, based on the very latest advances with the platform.

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Extending the Dataiku functionality

At A Cloud Frontier we have developed a range of Dataiku plug-ins to improve connectivity with other platforms and to support GDPR compliance. Check out our range of Dataiku plug-ins.