DevOps Consulting

Faster innovation, rapid & reliable delivery

Gain the competitive edge with DevOps consulting

DevOps for data and analytics are some of the hottest topics within the world of data right now and the need for DevOps consultancy is becoming more and more important for data-driven businesses who want to be able to rapidly and reliably evolve and stay ahead of the competition.

What does DevOps mean?

DevOps is a holistic approach to the development process, which removes siloes and brings together development and operations within a business. It is an evolution of the Agile process and allows development and operations to work together through the entire software application lifecycle, from initial development to deployment.

What are the benefits of DevOps?

DevOps gives businesses the competitive edge and provides the following benefits:

  • Faster innovation with the ability to quickly adapt to changing markets
  • Rapid delivery of new releases and changes to infrastructure
  • Removal of siloed working – allowing development and operations teams to collaborate closely on the whole project
  • Improved quality of the final delivered project
  • Automation of repetitive tasks allows for efficient working and quicker problem-solving ability

Improve your DevOps capabilities

At A Cloud Frontier we help our clients to improve their DevOps, from the processes to the tools. We also offer services to help businesses set up their own DevOps using software such as:

Snowflake Insights

Our own ACF Snowflake Insights app allows businesses to make cost and usage optimisations in Snowflake, without the need for SQL querying knowledge. Built using GitHub and GitHub Actions, the solution takes advantage of Bokeh and Python, using ML models.