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At A Cloud Frontier our team of data analysts, data scientists and engineers have developed a range of solutions to cater for the precise needs of our big-data clients. Check out our range of solutions or find out more about our Consultancy Services.

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Data Quality Testing

Improve the quality and reliability of your data, increase productivity, reduce operational risk and ultimately make better business decisions with Great Expectations – a powerful data quality testing solution for all data-driven businesses.

Customer Analytics Portal (CAP)

Enable your enterprise customers to take control of their own data and analysis, with the Customer Analytics Portal, a powerful cloud-based solution that is completely scalable and comes packed with ready-made dashboards and pre-built machine learning.

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Dataiku Plug-ins

A range of plug-ins, developed specifically for Dataiku users to smoothly and seamlessly connect Dataiku to other data and analytics platforms, to push data to a Wiki and to help companies manage their GDPR compliance.

ACF Insights for Snowflake

Keep track of your company’s Snowflake usage, make cost optimisations and ensure GDPR compliance, without the need for SQL querying, with the ACF Insights for Snowflake.

ACF Wiki

The A Cloud Frontier Wiki Plugin enables business users to have direct access to project and dataset information from Dataiku directly available in a Wiki page.

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Check out our range of consulting services, centred around data quality, data cleaning, data consolidation, business intelligence, Dataiku, analytics strategies and GDPR compliance.