We all hear about data driven marketing, customer experience or single point of view at a customer every day.  We also know that at the same time many enterprises are still struggling with basic needs such as data integration because of complex processes, having data scattered in hardly accessible systems and acquisitions or never ending transformation add even more complexity. Within last years also GDPR is heavily transforming the way you have to work with personal data.

Our team is experienced in working on marketing projects in complex environments. We understand marketing needs related to data – from GDPR compliant data processing or KPIs calculations to use of machine learning for market segmentation or trend prediction.

We can help you not only on implementing GDPR compliant reporting based on purpose and probably many others internal rules, we can also take your data from multiple CRMs, social networks and call centres to one single place with dashboards overviewing KPIs and possibility to drill down to personal information if allowed by the customer. 

If you miss some data or you own the data but you can not really use it because of GDPR, let us model the anonymised data instead with great help of AI and Machine learning for better insights.