GDPR and Compliance

Do you need to set up best practices and rules on how to manage data in a context of regulatory compliance? We can help you to lead data compliant projects. Read More


We can help you not only on implementing GDPR compliant reporting based on purpose and probably many others internal rules, we can also take your data from multiple CRMs, social networks and call centres to one single place with dashboards overviewing KPIs and possibility to drill down to personal information if allowed by the customer. Read More

Finance and KPIs

We can help you not only with analytics or report implementation. We can also create the overall data analytics strategy and lead projects involving your own employees and third party experts to provide you with the best possible solution within your conditions. Read More


To achieve valuable business insights many technical and non-technical tasks need to be done. From building and managing the right team, choosing the appropriate platforms for data processing to preparing the data for easy analytics by business people. Read More

Dataiku Plugins

A Cloud Frontier are the developer of several Dataiku plugins. The plugins are developed to support our customers and their requirements. Some of the plugins are open sourced and other plugins are available as a SaaS service. Read More

Customer Analytics Portal (CAP)

Business Analytics Portal for your Customers. AI driven business insights and big data analytics ready to use. Cloud based solution. Usage based pricing, no licences or other up-front costs.
Read More

ACF Wiki

The Cloud Frontier Wiki Plugin enables business users to have direct access to project and dataset information from Dataiku directly available in a Wiki page. Critical information about your analysis output and datasets are transparent and available for the organisation. The Wiki page can be easily searched and is organised for ease of use. Read More