What is common for a snowflake, Data Analysis and Next Generation Analytical platforms? The common thing is Data Warehousing Platform called Snowflake, which is most probably one of the most innovative nowadays.

What Snowflake covers

After finishing a research about the most innovative and reliable data platforms, Snowflake provides the following:

  • data engineering
  • data lake
  • data warehouse
  • data science
  • data applications
  • data sharing

This Cloud Data Platform enables your business to get the most critical data workloads with their unlimited collaboration. Let’s explore the opportunities a bit deeper.

What Snowflake copes

Snowflake architecture

Snowflake Shared Data Architecture consists of 3 layers system.

  1. The core works as a centralized storage for data. It means that
  • you can find the data in one single place
  • their volume is unlimited

Only the users with privilage can access and run either structured or semi-structured query. Besides, all the data run directly with no scheme definition. Regarding the metadata, the extraction, encryption and compression is done in this core layer.

2. The second part, so called compute layer, is a virtual warehouse. Compute layer is responsible for loading data, ad hoc analytics and following development.

3. Finally, the last layer known as a service layer formates the data. This part of Snowflake Data Platform enables users to

  • do queries optimization
  • coordinate all transactions
  • enable all DDL functions

Furthermore, it is also a security subsystem as well as a metadata store.

Snowflake architecture

Benefits of Snowflake Data Platform

There are many advantages of this solution. The most visible and valuable are:

  • elasticity
  • scalability
  • security

All business data are in one centralized location. They are accessible by any user with privilege and it does not require any management. Only two steps are necessary:

  1. load data
  2. run queries

No worry about back-ups, sort and distribution keys, indexes, or vacuuming. Automation works here!

The encryption of data makes this data platform highly resilient because the control, so called roll-based, allows only to entitled person the entrance. Moreover, there is a time limit for many operations for example reading or accessing.

Suitable solution just for you

Since many businesses are migrating to some data platform to support their data analytics, one of the solutions is Snowflake Cloud Data Platform on Amazon Web Services. The advantages of it are:

  • near zero management
  • all data combination
  • data sharing among all allowed users
  • pay only for what you use
  • fully managed service

If you are looking for some solution combining all the advantages mentioned above, keep going and read further. 

Last year there was a big release of the Insight Platform where A Cloud Frontier company took an important part. AWS cloud is a core solution of this Insight Platform and it works also due to Snowflake. This solution takes advantage from Snowflake uniqueness for automatic scaling and pausing.

Among others, the Insight Platform:

  • is extremely scalable
  • supports thousands of users
  • goes automatically on no charge stand mode when no user is on the platform

The Insight Platform has much more to offer, therefore feel free to contact us and ask for additional information.

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