Self-service machine learning & BI

Consultancy & cloud solutions for data-driven businesses

Why choose A Cloud Frontier?

As big data and business intelligence specialists our team of consultants, analysts, data scientists, developers and data engineers are at the forefront of the data industry, providing consultancy and bespoke solutions to our data-driven clients.

Cloud solutions and platforms

Self-service machine learning and BI

We believe in empowering businesses to leverage their own business intelligence and insights, which is why we focus on self-service machine learning and business intelligence.

Our Partners

We partner with some of the best companies in the data industry:

  • Dataiku
  • Looker
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Dataiku logo.


We work with an agile framework on daily basis. Our experience and expertise cover the following areas:

  • Dataiku
  • Looker
  • Superset
  • Data modelling
  • Python
  • eChart
  • Snowflake

Customer Analytics Portal

Provide AI driven business insights and big data analytics for your customers with our cloud-based Customer Analytics portal.

Great Expectations

Ensure data quality, reduce data pipeline debt and make more reliable business decisions with Great Expectations, our data quality testing solution.

ACF Insights for Snowflake

Balance cost and performance, without the need for SQL knowledge with the ACF Insights for Snowflake.

Dataiku Plug-ins

As Dataiku partners we have developed a range of plug-ins for platform integrations and for GDPR compliance. Check out our range of Dataiku plug-ins.