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Gain the competitive advantage with reliable business intelligence and data-driven insights, delivered through expert consultancy and data software solutions


Unlock the value of your business data, improve data quality, implement the right data tools and solutions and gain powerful insights with expert consultancy from A Cloud Frontier.

Data Quality
Testing Consulting

Put in place data quality testing processes and tools to ensure data quality and integrity


Understand your Dataiku data and use it to its fullest potential

Intelligence Consulting

Make data-driven decisions with the right business intelligence framework and tools


Rapidly and reliably evolve and stay ahead of the competition

Powerful Data

Data solutions developed specifically to cater for the needs of our big data clients for improved data quality, connectivity and usage.

Great Expectations

A powerful data quality testing solution for improving the reliability of your data

Customer Analytics Portal (CAP)

Data analytics for your customers, complete with ready-made dashboards and machine learning

Dataiku Plug-ins

A range of essential Dataiku plug-ins to aid connectivity and usage

ACP Insights for Snowflake App

A range of essential Dataiku plug-ins to aid connectivity and usage

Who are we?

A Cloud Frontier was founded in 2015 to help businesses structure and use their data to the fullest potential.

Our team of analysts, data scientists and engineers provide businesses with accurate and reliable intelligence and insights at their fingertips, through expert consultancy and cloud-based data software solutions.

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Accurate &
Reliable Data

Improved Business


AI & Machine

GDPR Compliance

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